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RAMP - Summer Reading and Math Program


The Ravenna School District's summer school program, RAMP, took place Monday-Thursday, June 16th-July 10th at Ravenna High School. Bussing was available for morning, noon and afternoon stops and students not registered with the afternoon park programming were picked up by parents or bussed to a "home stop" after school. Students were served breakfast daily when they arrived. Those who were pre-registered with Ravenna Parks and Recreation Department were taken to City Park where they engaged in activities until 4:00 p.m. Some field trips and other highlights included American Elite Gymnastics, bowling, Jump Palace, Chestnut Hills Park, and the animal sanctuary, Noah's Lost Ark.

While at school, students learned in small group settings, used classroom SmartBoards, and practiced skills independently and actively with peers or other adults. Teachers took into account various learning styles, strengths, and areas of growth for students. Teachers also worked cooperatively to best accomodate students as needed with lesson interventions. In addition, the RAMP program was fortunate to again have Mrs. Talerico volunteer in classes 3 days a week. Mrs. Terry-Keister, the children's librarian from Reed Memorial Library, came twice a week to read and share iPads with students.

Ravenna School District Honors Staff

The Ravenna School District recently honored staff members with service pins for years of service in the district, and recognized our retirees. The commitment and enthusiasm displayed by these employees on behalf of the Ravenna students and families is much appreciated.

Front row from left: Adrienne Kapr-Ford, Connie Moulton
Back row from left: Patricia Cartwright, JoAnn McEwen, Tina Hannahs

2014 Friends of Education Awards

The Ravenna Education Association presented community members with the Friends of Education Award at the Staff Recognition Breakfast. Karisa White, Patty Booth, Kurtiss and Jennifer Kading, John and Tori Skala, and Glenn and Michele Crandall have volunteered in our schools and provided countless hours of support to Ravenna School District students, teachers and administrators. We thank them for their service!


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